4 COST effective products YOU can brand

Increasing your brand awareness is vitally important in order for your business to grow and sell. Without brand awareness, there would be no customers to purchase whichever product you are trying to sell.

However, brand awareness by itself isn’t enough. You could be spending a lot of money on certain campaigns, or even product branding, but not see a return that you expected or wanted.

The reasons for this could include spending too much on advertising, or product branding hence, why there is no ROI. This is especially the case when you’re on a budget which makes things even more tough.

This is why choosing cost effective products to brand definitely would help support certain goals of yours. Depending on what your goals are, we have listed 5 products which you can take board and begin branding to spread awareness!


Imagine being in a situation where you want to give out freebies but basically have nothing to give due to no freebies.

You could potentially miss out on sales, and even the possible impressions you could have made because of the ability to spread awareness by giving out something so simple and cheap.

When you choose to give out company branded pens, they are not only cost effective depending on where you buy it from, it’s also cheap, and an easy way to spread brand awareness.


Let’s say you are promoting your products or spreading awareness during the summer.

While people will flock to free promotional products NZ at all times, giving them something they would want and most likely use longer will create a longer lasting impression than just giving something away in a situation where it won’t be used.

i.e. you could give out free company branded pens in a public setting and most people will probably not pay attention to it or consciously be aware of it. However, in a situation where your target demographic is kids in schools, handing out pens would probably be more useful as they are in an environment where they have to use it.

So if you’re going to give out hats, they are a great choice because of both affordability, and it’s seasonal impact.

If it’s given out during the summer time, people will be more in need of it and from there, you can create unique ways to spread awareness using this one product.


Corporate apparel, such as t-shirts, are one of the best ways to spread the face of a product or company. Whether you put the desired message you would like to spread at the front of a shirt or the back, the t-shirt covers a large portion of the body which will almost indefinitely come into the gaze of a person who stares at you.

If you’re wanting to spread brand awareness in any setting, not having a t shirt can cost you problems such as customers not getting the idea of what your brand is and who they are.

Hence, this is why it is vitally important that t-shirts are used during the promotional stages of the brand. Having your ambassadors wear t-shirts are both cost-effective and will give consumers an idea of what your brand is about.


Without beanie’s, especially if you are promoting in the winter time and wanting to give out freebies, you could be missing out on a lot of brand awareness.

Just like hats, beanies are often worn in winter/cold times. Taking advantage of that especially if your brand is something winter related such as a ski store, using it as a freebie and promotional product would be extremely affective in promoting awareness.

In addition if by not using it, you’re narrowing your options and may have to opt into more expensive options which no one wants too actually invest the money when they can buy something cheaper.


When promoting your business, it’s vital to be aware of the type of method you use to spread awareness.

Being on a budget, you can use the 4  listed corporate branded items to brand effectively and be able too promote brand awareness. Knowing this, it is also vital that the product chosen to promote be used during it’s seasonal time and context so you can extract the most out of promoting.

If you understand your business model well and know what your consumers want, then you can make the right decision and find out which product is best for the context you are in.

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