Are you working with the right plumber?

So you’re either viewing this article because you need plumbing, or you’re preparing for the worst case scenario of the potential toilet clog.

I’ve been there, and so have you.

However, most of us do not even entertain the idea of choosing the right plumber. We may just choose one because in an emergency, what choice do you really have other than contacting the first 24/7 emergency plumber you can find?

But you could be potentially saving hundreds if you just chose the right plumber. Or maybe, even the issue may have been resolved quicker if you had hired the plumber who was specialised in this area.

The point is that there are so many factors to choosing a plumber that nobody takes into accounts. Whether it’s customer service, or more money, these are all factors that save you thousands of dollars and headaches if not thought out properly.

Choosing the right plumbing service is crucial and we’re here to give our top tips for screening out any plumbers who may potentially present a terrible service.

Do they have good reviews?

If the plumbing services reviews are generally not the best, then it might be time to re-think whether you actually want to engage with the service in the first place.

The fact of the matter is people have come before you and have used the service. It might have an amazing deal, low price, or something amongst those lines which draw you to wanting to use this service and overlook the reviews.

But don’t fall for it, no matter what. No matter how good the deal is, the amount of money you saved could have easily been invested into saving you those last few headaches and issues because of drains inability to get fixed by your plumber.

Make sure they have good reviews.

Do they have sufficient industry experience?

If we go to the gym, there is a reason why we would rather take advice from the trainer rather than a normal person lifting weights there.

If you’re not quite catching on, the fact of the matter is you know the trainer has experience working with clients. Whereas, you have no idea about the other man’s gym history.

With that being said, you need to assess whether the plumbing service you hire has enough industry experience or not. This is crucial because you want to ensure that your investment is safe and that it’s in the right hands handled by the right people.

We have for example, years of experience specialising in plumbing with hundreds of happy customers. But we also have local and specialised experience in the Auckland region. This means we know the area inside out and can give you a better service than a plumber which is less niche.

When you find your plumber, try and see if they have specialised experience in your location. It could make a big difference in the efficiency to getting your water back up and running!

Is the cost worth it?

You could possibly be wasting thousands of dollars on a backflow plumbing service and possibly not be getting your money’s worth.

Maybe the same amount of money could be invested into someone who can get it done quicker. Don’t you want your clogging toilet to be finished sooner than later?

The fact of the matter is you definitely want to do your research on this subject matter which could save you a lot of money and time. In other cases, you might be on the other end of paying more but the service you get in return is worth paying it more cheap.

Or you could just be saving more money overall.

The bottom line is look at the costs and don’t just select the cheapest but select the one which is going to bring you the best service possible for your issue, i.e. blocked drains. For example, we have years of experience in the Auckland region with many happy customers. Part of the reason why our customers choose to invest into us is because of our reputable history, and cost.

So make sure you’re scanning the options available and choosing which is best not just the cheapest in light of the options available.

Summing up

Overall, plumbers are not difficult to find. A simple google search will show that they are always in demand. Finding a good plumber is the issue at hand and if you ensure you look for the right plumber using the steps above, you’ll have a more cost effective service in no time.

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