Moving Abroad? Do NOT bring these 3 things overseas

Moving internationally or abroad is definitely an exciting time in just about anyone’s life. A new life and beginning by meeting different people and being exposed to a different environment can be scary, and also euphoric.

However, the issue none of us want to face is the problem associated with packing and moving overseas. Packing is one of the tedious parts of moving abroad since you need to decide at that moment which items you need to take, and which you need to sacrifice. You could always hire international movers for transport and packing servicesOf course, the ideal situation is taking everything overseas as that will save us a lot of headaches. Unfortunately however, that is not the case and things must be given up as a result.

We might have begun this procedure by deciding the things we need to move on. However, have you considered that there may be items which you should not take under any circumstance?

There are some things that you shouldn’t bring when it comes to moving office or house. But below we will list 3 things which you definitely do NOT want to pack when moving house abroad.

DO NOT bring too many clothes

Our wardrobes are probably sitting on two different spectrums. Either we love our wardrobes and have the new designer clothes, t-shirts, pants or it’s as empty as nothing.

The key thing to understand is that bringing too many clothes abroad will not only take up too much space, but also incur extra costs when travelling.

As an example, if you definitely take a look at your ward robe more extensively, you’ll find there are clothes you may have not worn in ages. Be it a t-shirt you thought you were going to wear in a certain season, or the size was too small.

The takeaway here is that travelling lightly and saving money is ideally what we all want to strive towards.

If that’s the case, saving more money and ideally, travelling lightly overseas is definitely the way to go in this case.

Do NOT bring huge entertainment devices

TV’S are definitely something we hold dear to ourselves and we may not even realise it. Other big electronic devices such as your PlayStation, or home theatre system, are easily things we grow a fond attachment to easily.

However, one must realise that if you’re going to move abroad, this can incur huge weight sizes which might not look good on the receipt.

For example, TV’S roughly weigh in the 20KG marks and that’s not taking into account the dimensions which can also boost the cost dramatically.20 – 25KG is the standard luggage weight with relatively smaller dimensions compared to a TV.

Hence, this is why it’s a really bad idea if you bring huge entertainment devices on board. Not only will it incur extra charges because of weight, but factoring in size leaves you a recipe for disaster on your wallet. 

Do NOT bring old furniture

Chances are, your furniture might just be getting really old and you may have forgotten to replace it.

One however, needs to become aware of the fact that sometimes, the odd couch or furniture may just be on it’s last breathe.

So if that’s the case, why even bother using your money to move it overseas/

The fact of the matter is that you won’t know the house (unless you’ve already seen it) up front in terms of size and dimensions. This means that bringing this extra luggage only to find out it can’t fit is a recipe for disaster!

This is why it would be an excellent idea to really think hard about bringing big furniture overseas.

If you’re sure it’ll fit and it’s new, then by all means go for it. However, if you don’t know it’ll fit or worse, it’s old – what’s the point when you can invest into new furniture which possibly has better features?


In summary, becoming aware of what not to bring can definitely save you a lot of cash when thought about clearly,

Of course, all of us want to bring our items abroad in which there is no doubt about. Leaving some of the items we have grown to love is something we do not want to do.

However, there is a time and place for everything so it’s best to say goodbye to that old couch which has served you for the years.

On the bright side, you can buy a even better version of that overseas, and may have even saved you more money getting rid of something you really don’t need which is a win!

Which luggage are you going to sell off before making that big move?

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