The Benefits Of An Engaged Employee

Employees working together on a blueprint

An employee holds the key to a company’s success and its organisation. Without a competent and highly motivated group of employees, a company would become more susceptible to failure. Hence, a company must have a group of engaged employees willing to stay for the long haul. Employee engagement is about a group of motivated, excited and driven team members who perform to their absolute best daily. This article explains an engaged employee’s benefits to your company and the organisation.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

An engaged workforce could be the difference between satisfying your customers or leaving them dissatisfied. Employee engagement is strongly associated with increased customer satisfaction. Because customers would be able to identify the differences between employees that truly put the customer’s interest above all else and those that don’t. Furthermore, a group of engaged employees will go above and beyond to solve a challenging issue, anticipate the client’s every need, and portray an eager attitude towards every inquiry the customers might have. This could only mean that engaged employees’ equals satisfied customers.

Safety and Well-being

One of the most important benefits of having a group of engaged employees is that the workplace will become a safe environment with near-zero accident occurrences. A study conducted by Gallup has shown that organisations that rank in the top quarter for engagement had 70% fewer safety incidents than those in the bottom quarter. This is only possible because engaged employees will always pay attention to everything in their surroundings and encourage others to do the same. Additionally, keeping them engaged would also lead to a healthy and well-balanced workforce, both physically and mentally. Disengagement would only produce a hostile working environment and an unhealthy workforce. Keeping your employees motivated and engaged would ensure your workplace is safe and prosperous.

Peak Performances and Morale

It’s a given that an engaged workforce will produce higher performance levels. Research from Forbes reveals that organisations with engaged employees will outperform their counterparts by 202%. They are willing to give everything they have towards every task and proactively seek out the necessary information and resources they require to succeed. Moreover, being engaged will also give them a sense of meaning and belief towards what they are doing, resulting in a boost of morale. Thus, an engaged workforce will achieve peak performances and high levels of morale.

In Conclusion

Succeed in engaging your employees, and success will inevitably follow suit.

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