The Coffee Beans Business A-Z

Picture of coffee beans for a blog article about the coffee beans business

Coffee is one of the most sought out drinks in the world. However, many do not realize that coffee beans are the real hero. They are the reason why coffee has such a deep and unique flavour. It would also mean that coffee beans are an excellent business to devote your time and energy. With so many coffee businesses thriving, it’s only a matter of time for wanting to learn about the business side.


The one thing that comes to mind when it comes to business is expenses. You need to know how much it takes to build a coffee beans business from the ground up. Of course, there are things you need to prepare beforehand. Some of these things are purchasing a coffee roaster, green coffee, packaging supplies, a POS system, labels, a heat sealer, and the coffee grinder itself. All of that could amount to almost $30.000 (source). These items are all categorized as one-time purchases.

Nonetheless, there are still other expenses like the ongoing expenses. These types of costs are the ones you need to think about; the cost of raw coffee beans, the fuel to run the coffee roaster, rent and utility expenses, employee wages, and shipping and delivery costs (source). That’s why planning is crucial. When you plan everything to the tiniest detail, your own coffee beans business will be up and running in no time.


Of course, when building a business, you would want it to be profitable. Coffee beans businesses are one of the most profitable F&B sectors for the foreseeable future. The price you can tag your coffee depends on the quality of the beans and the finished product. Retail prices for roasted coffee are often between $12 and $20 for 12-ounce bags; meanwhile, wholesale prices are often $6 to $12 per pound (source). There is a way to increase sales and profit, and it’s by opening your coffee shop. By doing this, you can sell your coffee beans directly without splitting your profit with an intermediary. That alone will boost your revenue and streamline expenditures.

License and Hygiene

Building your own business, especially those that work with F&B, will require a health and safety license. Keeping your business legal and clean according to the local health regulations is a number one priority. Do your research and keep your business alive.

In Conclusion

The coffee beans business is a promising opportunity to become an entrepreneur. By following these three steps, you will have the potential to build your own empire.

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