Home Office Essentials to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Promotional Items Home Office

Telecommuting and remote working were a growing trend before they became a necessity. As more people work from home today, marketers miss a massive opportunity to ignore Personalised merchandise in their marketing strategy.


Remote workers tend to be more productive because they can more easily focus on the essentials if they have a suitable workspace in their house or apartment. And as they spend more time working from their home office, it allows your company to promote your logo and brand name in a whole new way to an entirely new audience.


So, what are the best products to keep your brand top of mind? These are some of our favourite desktop promotional products:


Coffee Mugs and Coffee Cups

A considerable portion of office workers start their day off with the morning cup of joe. Whether it’s instant or barista-made coffee, a coffee cup or mug is going to be essential during Work-from-Home.


Getting your brand into their daily dose of caffeine will boost your brand visibility. As such, your organisation will be on top of their mind, especially next time they have a problem that you happen to provide the solutions to. Coffee mugs are also fun company branded promotional items which you can give your staff to strengthen company culture and build team camaraderie.


Wireless Chargers

Let’s face it; no one likes to have their cables hanging around. It’s annoying, distracting, and messy. That’s why wireless chargers are here to make your life easier, especially if you need a quick top-up!


Most smartphones on the market now have wireless charging capabilities so that you can plug the charger into your PC or laptop, and you’ll be ready to go. Wireless chargers are a practical addition to any workspace while still keeping things tidy. By having corporate branded items for home offices & people working from home, your brand will remain in their consideration the next time they look for solutions your company provides.


Office Supply Kits

Employees working from home, particularly those new to it, may not have a complete set of office supplies standing at their desks. Your company can solve this by supplying your corporate logo pens and office supply kits. The kit usually contains the little things people need to stay efficient and organized throughout a hard day’s work.


Sticky Notes

While applications and computer programs try to replicate the sticky note, nothing will ever be quite as good as the real thing. From notetaking to brainstorming, the sticky note will not go untouched at any workspace. With so many colour options and styles, it’s easy to find some sticky notes that will make your brand “stick” to their memories!.



There’s nothing worse than those stubborn water rings you will commonly see on desks where a coaster hasn’t been used! Fortunately, the prevention is easy and requires literally zero effort. They pair perfectly with a coffee mug and have a large decoration area for brand visibility. 

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