The Popularity of LED Lights

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Lately, LED lights are becoming more popular in residential and commercial application, and it’s for a good reason. In this article, we will shed some light on why people are switching to LEDs, the latest trend, and what you need to look out for.


Why the Switch?

Let’s first explore the benefits of LED Lighting. LED lights cost higher upfront, which may cause some people to look away, but do not let this investment scare you. Despite higher upfront cost, replacing your normal lights with LEDs actually helps you to save some bucks. They are a lot more energy-efficient compared to normal bulbs – in fact, they use up to 75% less power compared to traditional light bulbs. Additionally, they are significantly more durable than traditional lights due to their tougher semiconductors. These factors will help homeowners to conserve energy as well as electricity bills, which is good for both our pockets as well as the environment.


Biological Bulbs

Have you noticed that your sleeping schedule gets wrecked when you stay indoors most of the time? Some evidence suggests that this is due to our lack of exposure to the sunlight. Natural sunlight reinforces our body’s natural circadian rhythms, naturally telling us when to sleep and wake up. However, this rhythm is interfered by our constant exposure to bright artificial light from our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which our brain misinterprets as the sunlight. To further increase the problem, our lack of exposure to outdoor activities makes it even harder for our body to function in accordance with the natural sunlight.


As technology for LED lighting gets better overtime, many companies are starting to make dynamic lighting that adjusts to our bodily functions as we go through the day. Biological bulbs can provide light that will complement the circadian rhythm that does not interfere with our melatonin production. These sunlight-mimicking LEDs might help you to rise and shine easier in the morning, and fall asleep faster at night.


What You Should Look For

Even when paying a premium for LEDs, some people may still experience some common problems with LED lighting. One of them is mild LED lights flickering in house, which is caused by the incompatibility between the dimmer switch, light fixture, and the bulbs itself. Buzzing dimmer switches may also be a sign of serious electrical problems occurring in your home, so you may want to contact an electrician in Auckland to help you work with the problem.

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