Why Should I get a Home Security Alarm System?

Home Security System

Thankfully, you’ve never been burgled (yet), but that does not stop you from wondering whether you need to get yourself a home alarm system. Are they really worth the money? Should I spend the extra for home monitoring as well? Would a fake alarm box suffice to scare burglars off?

These are all very logical questions to ask when you’re considering adding a new investment, especially one that is related to your safety and security. Here in this article, we will explain why installing a home alarm system is really important for you.


Peace of Mind

Do you know that more than 4,300 burglaries happen every day—or nearly 1.6 million annually—in the United States alone? No matter how much insurance you have, everyone has some valuables in their home that money cannot buy nor replace – family heirlooms, art heritage, your grandpa’s collectibles, and more. These irreplaceable items carry high sentimental value for which there will be no way to recover from the loss. To keep such valuable items safe, you will likely need to pay something – whether you invest in a safe deposit box or a home security system.

Just like good insurance and a safety box, having an alarm system is an investment in protecting your valuables. The combination of all of these elements can provide peace of mind and a comprehensive security safeguard for your valuables. Just make sure you get your alarm system installed and regularly checked by a trained Electrician Auckland to give you peace of mind, knowing that your system has been installed safely and professionally.


Protecting You from Even Bigger Losses

By having a security system in place, it may even spare you from losing a few thousand bucks, too. According to the Electronic Security Association, if a home with a security system still falls victim to crime, the average loss is approximately $2,000 less than in a home with no protection. 

Security systems and monitoring discourage break-ins: 60% of convicted burglars say they will target another home if they discover a security system in the one they are trying to rob.

Moreover, having a security system with a professional alarm monitoring service installed by an experienced Auckland Electrician might even reduce the cost of your home insurance – though you need to check with your insurance provider. The reduction in insurance premiums could even neutralise the cost of monitoring, so win-win for you. Try seeking advice from experienced contractors at Northern Lights NZ – they provide Auckland electrical services to help you in securing your property.


What about Alarm Maintenance? Is It Worth It?

After investing in the security of your property with an alarm system installation, keeping it maintained regularly is of paramount importance to ensure that it’ll work appropriately when needed. Why would you invest in a Home Alarm System and then leave it unmaintained, not knowing whether it will effectively work in a real situation?

Think of it as something similar to a car insurance plan – by having good insurance, you can rest assured knowing that if an accident were to happen, you’ll be compensated without having to purchase a new car. Similarly, having a regular alarm system maintenance service, it negates the risk of technical failure and general wear-and-tear on parts that are on the exterior of the house.

When discussing your alarm system maintenance, be sure to discuss with only expert technicians so that you can get the best advice possible. Get help from the best Home Security Alarms Installers in Auckland.

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