Festive blooms for the holiday season

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With Christmas fast approaching and the joyous holiday spirit that follows in tow, take a look at our festive bloom recommendations. Whether you are time poor and are needing help from the experts via online flower delivery or through a Florist Auckland, or you are tackling the challenge yourself, these blooms are sure to brighten your festive spirit. 


Traditional Christmas Flowers

Red flowers are traditionally the go-to flower at this time of year and rightly so given that red and green are the mainstream colours associated with Christmas.



Being the signature Christmas flower, this deep red flower (traditionally referred to as a weed) is a safe option this Christmas. The bonus of this flower is that rather than being a bouquet of flowers, it is in actual fact a plant, allowing you to enjoy the perks of the flower for a longer period of time. 

Christmas Flower



‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly….’ Ok we think you get the message. Holly too is another traditional option to select this Christmas. Although holly is not technically a flower, it is a great decoration to display in your home when used in a wreath (with flowers incorporated inside). 


Non-traditional Christmas Flowers

Scrap the tradition we say. Given that New Zealand celebrate Christmas in summer, why not use fresh and light flower arrangements to brighten your home during the holiday season. Why not steer away from the traditional red and white flower arrangements and celebrate the warmth with tones of green, pinks, whites and yellows. 



Scatter a few small glass jars filled with colourful peonies throughout your house / Christmas table and instantly your guests will feel warm and light. Lighter, brighter colours are ideal for summer so why not celebrate a NZ Christmas your own way. 



Colour Theme

Why not select your flowers depending on the colour. The Botanist, an award winning florist in Auckland create beautifully themed flower arrangements which would look stunning as a centrepiece on your dining table or in the entry hallway. 


Botanist NZ




The aroma that lilies expel into a room is just gorgeous and with the array of colours that they are available within, the options are endless.


Classy and simple

Perhaps you are wanting a more simple and classy option which would suit any occasion, not just holiday themed. Go for a theme of white and green flowers to highlight and compliment the warmer weather. A classic bouquet featuring lush greenery and soft classic flowers would do the trick.


Celebrate the festive season this year in style with The Botanist. For all flower delivery in Auckland, contact the experts today. 

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