Common Laptop Problems and How to Repair Them

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Laptops and electronic devices have become the bane of our existence these days. For most, the laptop is the hub of their life, whether it be for personal and work related reasons. Generally a device where most people conduct work from, laptops are also great for entertainment reasons and to store all of our private and personal information, including photographs (as let’s be real, who prints photos and creates photo albums these day?!). Over the years laptops have dramatically improved, in both size and speed, however there are a few common laptop issues which still arise and can be easily repaired without the use of an apple repair Auckland


Loud fan / laptop hot to touch 

I am sure most of us have dealt with a hot laptop before, whether that be just hot to touch or whether its caused the internal fan to run loudly, either way it is an annoying issue to occur. Laptops generally get moved around a lot, which is one of the many reasons why people opt to buy a laptop rather than a desktop computer. However, due to this increased movement, often it can lead to an increased air intake for the fan as well as heightening the chances of dust and pollution to enter the fan portal. The solution for this issue is quite easy, just aim to use your laptop predominantly on a hard surface and avoid soft surfaces as they will block the air passage. If you are finding that you are implementing these tactics and are still having this issue, book into an apple repair Auckland team who will be able to assist you with a MacBook repair


Inefficient Battery Life

As a laptop is wireless, the battery life is an important feature for most, especially for those who like to move around with their device. Therefore, if you are finding that your battery is quick to decline then it can cause quite the problem. First things first, check the connection between the laptop and charger cord. Next, check your settings under ‘Energy Saver’. A short term fix is to activate the energy saver settings, however you may not want to rely on this method long term. If this is the case, take it in for a Macbook Repair Auckland and the apple repair experts can replace your battery for you in no time.


Slow Laptop 

There is nothing as frustrating as a slow, lagging laptop, especially when you are trying to complete your work in an efficient manner. Firstly, check the storage space on your laptop and erase any applications / documents / items that are no longer of use to you. Secondly, are they any upgrades which can be applied? Thirdly? If all else fails, get a mac repair as the technicians will be able to analyse the logic board of the computer and see what the next step may be. 


If you have exhausted all options and are feeling out of luck, bring your laptop in for a laptop repair Auckland. The Core can fix any damaged device, quickly and affordably.

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