2019 Digital Marketing Trends According to Your B2B Marketing Specialist

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

It’s no secret that the age of marketing has evolved through the years. From traditional marketing strategies, more and more companies are starting to invest more in digital marketing. A well-executed digital marketing campaign has a wider set of reach, and you can actually tailor-fit your promos to your target market and expect conversions.

All businesses should know that marketing trends differ and expand through time, so you should always be in the loop if you want to grow your business effectively.

Digital marketing trends your B2B marketing agency should look out for this 2019

This 2019, expect heaps of evolution when it comes to the current digital marketing strategies. While there are new digital strategies that will be introduced in the coming year, 2019 is going to be all about expansion and growth of existing trends. Here are some of the digital marketing trends that your B2B marketing consultant should take note of this 2019:

  • Chatbots

Last 2018, chatbots were predicted to take over the digital marketing sphere. While some businesses have been hesitant in adopting this virtual concierge, more and more companies are now slowly shifting their business practices to automate simple and basic customer service functions. You’ve probably noticed chatbots when you send messages to companies on Facebook. This 2019, expect more businesses to use chatbots in their websites and applications.

  • Voice interaction with smart devices

You’ve probably noticed the increasing number of people who use Siri, Alexa, and Google through the years. It started with Siri’s answers to simple queries. Now, it has evolved to discovering content and promos exclusive to smart devise voice interactions and more. People enjoy interacting with their devices, and voice interactions have stepped up to the plate to provide just that. While this digital marketing trend is more complicated than others, your local B2B marketing specialist should definitely consider dipping their toes in this type of trend.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Marketing is not just throwing around a simple promotional material and hoping that someone out there sees it and buys your materials. To make leads that generate conversions, you need to be smart about your target market and know what your competitors are doing. We all know that this takes heaps of time, and doing this with a small team will take weeks or even months. Before you know it, the market has changed, and your target population has evolved.

With the help of artificial intelligence, sourcing out data and interpreting them will become faster than ever. We have seen heaps of B2B marketing consultants use artificial intelligence. If your B2B marketing agency still isn’t maximising the potential of this asset until today, you might want to consider choosing another B2B Marketing Specialist for your business.

  • Live videos with your B2B marketing agency

No matter who you ask, videos will remain as one of the top contents that people look for in businesses they want to consider partnering with. This year, you have probably seen the growth in companies using live videos for their events, promos, demos, and live releases. People appreciate the excitement that comes with live videos. Interacting live with the people in those videos through comments are encouraging better real-time communication between businesses and their consumers. Apart from being a good and interactive marketing trend, live videos also foster relationships between brands and their clients.

  • Personalisation

Part of effective marketing is knowing who your target market it. But above that, you also have to understand how to approach them to effective turn those leads into conversions. By personalising your content, you will be able to approach your potential consumers subtly — without being aggressive and in-your-face.

You can use their digital footprints to your advantage, and see how their activities can lead to interest to the products you offer. Apart from being effective in basic consumers, this can be used with people in businesses as well. If you know how to tailor-fit your content to the correct people, you’ll notice the difference it makes for your business.   For all your digital marketing or SEO consultancy, we recommend Singapore Digital Marketing Agency Digital Squad.




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