4 Rules when using a heat pump (you could save $1000s…)

Heat pumps are an absolute godsend as they serve as an extremely cost-efficient solution for your heating needs. Some of the advantages include an environmentally friendly unit, convenience, and are also accommodating to people who suffer from asthma or allergies. This is because the circulation of the heat pump is such that it provides clean air.

However, with the many benefits heat pumps do propose, there is also the issue of using it incorrectly. Some people like rules, and some people don’t. But the aim of rules is to help you be safe while getting the most out of your experience using a product or service

Most people miss this ONE rule which is why your electricity bill has probably sky rocketed over the few months.

Are you ready to hear it?

#1 Rule when using a heat pump is to utilise the TIMER

So what is the timer there for anyway?

The timer for the Auckland heat pumps allows you to manually configure when you want the heat pump switched on and when you want the heat pump switched off.

For example, if you know you’re going to be out at work all day and only come home at 7PM every night, the pump will switch on at that time for you. This means you don’t have to do anything and it does everything for you.

The reason why this is extremely important is you could be losing a lot of money if you don’t follow this rule. Leaving the heat pump on the ENTIRE day could result in hefty costs to your electricity bill. Hence, why it it’s a smart choice to not leave that heat pump on the entire day.

Rule #2 – Temperature MATTERS

It really does. If you set the temperature too high or too low regardless of your justification, you could be racking up unnecessary costs for your entire home.

For example, you may want to heat it up to 21 degrees just for a couple of sessions per week. But little do you know, those 3 sessions could equal $10 to $20 more on your bill when you could have had it turned down a little lower than what’s needed.

The fact of the matter is unless it’s vitally important, keeping it at a minimum of 18 degrees would be ideal and a little lower if you’re planning on keeping it on while you snooze off.

Rule #3 – Location MATTERS

Your heat pump unit it also subject to environmental strains. Where you locate your unit is exceptionally important as it could factor into the amount of warmth or coldness you receive inside your house. For example, if it’s located outside, locating it too close to a wall could prevent the actual pump to not deliver it’s full output.

On the other hand, if it is located somewhere outside where the sun is shining, this could also affect the performance of the heat pump. The point is that location definitely matters a lot if you’re looking to investing into a heat pump or you’re also wondering why you aren’t getting the most heat or coldness from your pump.

If you ever experience any issues with your heat pump, contact an emergency plumber or someone who can have it fixed as soon as possible.


We know that heat pumps offer a lot of great benefits. The benefits are astronomical and could save you a lot of money if used correctly and give your house the cosy warm feeling you always want year round. However, rules are rules and for your safety, it’s important that you walk away knowing exactly what NOT to do when using a heat pump for your safety assurance. This will save you money, time, and give you the experience you want.

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