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Relate counselling Auckland is a social enterprise that specializes in helping couples to work through problems with their relationships. Relate counselling is Auckland’s only specialist Marriage and relationship counselling and therapy team. With locations across Auckland and a team of highly trained Relationship therapists, Relate counselling can help to make your relationship awesome again.

Relate Counseling Auckland have an 85% success rate, incredibly high when compared to the 50-55% success rates achieved by other non-specialist therapists.

Relate counselling offer a Relationship intensives or marathon therapy service, these programs allow couples to fast track their progress by cramming a month worth of sessions into a single day. However, for the process to be effective both parties have to be willing to engage prior to the session.

Marathon Therapy sessions are designed to create lasting therapeutic changes for committed and engaged couples. Couples come into the process with clearly defined goals and expectations and devote enough time to trigger lasting emotional and biochemical changes. Relates some assessment questioners typically precede marathon sessions and some extra preparatory work is given to the couples to pursue at home prior to the session. Follow-ups strategies are typically assigned to couples based on their needs.

Relates Relationship intensives are designed primarily for couples with communication or connection issues who share a commitment to their relationship despite acknowledging their problems. This is a way to rapidly fast track the healing process and is well suited to couples that have less flexible work commitments (such as doctors or builders).

Relates level of expertise means that many members of their team regularly supervise and train other clinicians both nationally and internationally. Relate also mutually benefit from collaboration with top-level clinicians internationally, so they can stay up to date with the most effective therapeutic practices.

Many of relates counsellors have decade’s worth of experience individually but they also benefit from the team approach. They all meet on a weekly basis to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Relate take their mission of improving the quality of relationships extremely seriously, which is why they regularly engage with the community and offer free Resources. Free resources include; public seminars, training for other clinicians and other informational outreach. Relate always want to be there for their clients which is why they endeavour to make short notice/last minute appointments available and to provide after hours services.

On relates website, you can read about each of their counsellors their locations and their specialities. You can then arrange an appointment with a counsellor whose description suits your needs. Or you can simply make a no obligation inquiry if you would like to find out more regarding how relationship therapy can help improve your relationships.

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