5 Ways to Control Oily Skin

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Although a matter-looking face is what most of us aim for, oily skin is not exactly the enemy here, aim for balance instead. Oil is beneficial to add moisture to our face, however, excess oil needs to be controlled, which is why we explain the 5 ways you can do to control oily skin. 

Wash Your Face Twice a Day 

Excess oil can be a good breeding spot for bacterias, which is why we need to wash and clean the face when there’s a reasonably high amount of oil build-up. However, do not overdo this by washing your face at every sign of oil, as a fair amount of oil is actually good for the skin. Our take is for you to wash the face ideally twice a day or at max 3 times a day. Advise your dermatologist for personalised advice for you. 

Keep Using Moisturiser

You may be that oily skin won’t need moisturiser, but that is far from true This is because, by not using moisturiser, your skin gets dry and this will trigger the oil glands to produce even more oil as compensation. So, think twice before skipping the moisturiser. 

Salicylic Acid is Your Friend

Any beauty product with salicylic acid can help break down excess oil and can penetrate pores to scoop out any debris, making it perfect to clear any congestion. The important thing to note is to not rinse the product directly. For example, if you are using a salicylic acid cleanser, then leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing it off. 

Fix Your Diet 

Sugar and grease tend to feed and increase oil production, which will make it harder for you to control oily skin. However, a diet lacking in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, and omega 3 may contribute to oil production. 

Wear a Clay Mask 

A good old clay mask acts like a sponge, absorbing excess oil. Aim to incorporate this into your routine twice a week for optimal results. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just choose something that is all-natural and fits your budget. 

What’s Next? 

To take care of your skin to the fullest, make sure to also incorporate microdermaplanning, chemical peel auckland, facials auckland, and vitamin A for skin. Dermaplanning auckland will provide your skin with the best plan of action tp keep it healthy and supple. Leave it to Skin Ritual, a skin care clinic providing the best skin therapy in New Zealand. 


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