5 Ways to Destress from Your Week

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Have you ever felt so drained and exhausted from all your activities during the week? 

Well, you are not alone in this. Work, household chores, exercise, and other social commitments may wear you down physically and mentally. Here, we list down our five best ways to destress from the business of life. 

Read a Good Book 

If you’re a fellow book nerd like I am, a good book is all we need to destress and tap out of reality for a while. Whether it be reading about adventures, thrillers, science fiction, or an autobiography, the well-written words in a great book excite our imagination, allowing us to take a break from our current situation and experience different things. After successfully gulping the contents within a book, we become more ready to face our week again. 

Enjoy a Good Movie

So you may have watched movies in the past. However, have you ever truly enjoyed one? In this instance, enjoying means being present, truly savouring every moment of the movie, and not just watching it while daydreaming or eating snacks mindlessly. When you enjoy a movie, you appreciate every dialogue, scene, or event that happens, even when they may be boring and you’re feeling tempted to grab your phone and text away. After the movie, you will most likely feel recharged and ready for what’s next. 

Engage in Breathing Exercises or Meditation

Due to the fast pace of life, you may feel overwhelmed and constantly being chased by deadlines or events. Going back to your breath and practicing mindfulness may help you to unwind, enjoy the moment, and take life one breath at a time. As it calms your body, it will also refresh and recharge your mind. There are many resources available for you to learn, such as online videos, blog posts, or a short visit to your closest yoga or meditation centre. 

Indulge in Great Food 

What better way to relax and re-energise than to savour delicious food? Whether you thrive in a home-cooking setting or you prefer to let the restaurants do their magic, eating great food excites our senses and our minds. When was the last time you took yourself out for some me-time and enjoy amazing food on your own? Munching your food slowly and just being present in the moment without any conversation or distraction can level up your day and leave you feeling happy and recharged! 

Enjoy a Skin Treatment 

There’s nothing better than feeling pampered, cared for, and clean. With a chemical peel NZ, not only is your skin cleansed, exfoliated, and peeled but also rejuvenated with beneficial vitamins and chemicals to keep your skin healthy from the inside out. Other skin treatments may include dermaplanning Auckland, facials Auckland, and chemical peel Auckland. 


Hopefully, you will find our tips useful and fun. Let us know how you go as you try them out this weekend!


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