Is Your Pool Safe From Electrical Danger

pool safe from electrical danger

Although enjoying a pool day with your family sounds like a perfect day off for you and your family to spend time together, the risk of encountering electric shock may happen anytime if you do not prevent them properly with secured protection. Both water and chlorine are excellent conductors of electricity, which makes the pool very hazardous when in unsecured protected condition. Electric shock in water is more dangerous than you could imagine due to the fact that it may happen without any sounds or any predictable signs. That is why it is important to prevent it to avoid the risk. Here are a few things you could check and avoid doing to protect your family from electrical danger.


Avoid putting electrical devices nearby the pool


As we all know water and electricity is a bad combination and the least thing you wanted to do is to put them together. What happens is when any device or equipment that is not designed to be used in the water, extension cord for example , falls or slips into the water, these devices release the electricity current into the pool which can be very dangerous. Because once the current is released, the water becomes active or energised, by touching any metal, such as a metal pool ladder, will cause the person to receive an electric shock. 


Moreover, Electrical equipment for the pool itself may also have a risk of causing electric shock for people in the pool and around the pool, if they are damaged. 


If it is necessary to put electrical equipment near the pool area, we recommend placing it at least 2 metres away from the edge of the pool. 


Most importantly, safety is first priority, we recommend hiring professional house wiring electricians to install and maintain the pool wiring properly to ensure it has been installed safely. 


Pool light wiring


Damaged underwater pool light or faulty wiring can result in extremely hazardous electrical accidents. If the seal is defective or crack the voltage from the light bulb comes direct contact with water, which releases the electric current throughout the whole pool. In order to minimize the risk, the best way is to consistently check for defects so when the issue arises, you are able to fix them on time before any danger happens. 


Lightning Storm


Avoid going into the pool during the rain or storm. Although there may seem to be very little chance of lightning striking into the pool, taking zero risk at all is always the best solution. As dangerous as when the electric cord fell into the water, if the lightning strikes right into the pool, electric currents in the body of water will straight away electrically shock anyone in the pool. 


This does not mean you can no longer have fun at the pool, this is just to increase the awareness of the danger that may happen so you are able to prevent it to protect anyone you love. In conclusion, it is important to ensure that your pool and its equipment are installed by professionals who can guarantee the safety for your home.  


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