The 3 Most Important Skincare Habits for Your 20s

skincare habits

For many women, our 20s are truly a golden time in our life. Our skin is probably in their best possible condition during these years, but it may not last long.


According to dermatologists, the first sign of sun damage starts to show up in your 30s. This is due to your skin’s declining reparative abilities, hence the brown spots, crow’s feet, and dull skin – all of which are the reflection of skincare damages you did in your 20s! Fortunately, the key to having a good skin in our 50s is all about prevention and protection that started from youth.


So, here are the 3 most crucial skincare steps that you should not miss in your 20s:



1. Sunscreen is non-negotiable

Do you know that 90% of premature signs of aging are caused by sun exposure? Aside from aging, other unfortunate side effects of sun exposure include hyperpigmentation, breakouts, darkening acne scars, and skin cancer. Moreover, sunscreen protection is even more important for us living down here in the Southern Hemisphere, which includes New Zealand. This is because our continent receives far more intense UV radiation compared to our Northern neighbours.

Therefore, protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays on a daily basis is truly non-negotiable, even if you’re stuck in your office or home most of the time. Always incorporate sunscreen to your beauty care routine, and look for mineral sunscreen rather than chemical ones. 



2. Always double cleanse

Every woman in their 20s has all been there: coming home from a dinner party, too exhausted or too drunk, so they go straight to bed and call it a night with their face still full of make-up. Sound familiar? 

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having fun in your 20s, not removing your makeup before bed is. It’s never enough to only use cleansing wipe across your face, as it will still leave traces of oil, sweat, makeup, and pollution to burrow deep within your pores. The solution is simple: double cleanse – that is, using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. Using two cleansers every single night might sound like such a waste of time, but it’s well worth the additional step. 



3. Never forget eye cream

Sadly, the skin around your eyes ages faster than the rest of your face and body. Fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes are some of the most difficult signs of aging to reverse. Bad habits from your teenage years, such as staying up all night before exams, can start to show its effect on your early 20s. 

This area is extremely delicate and easily damaged, therefore using your regular moisturiser as eye cream can actually be harmful to your eyes. This is because some ingredients in our face moisturiser can be too harsh to use on the eyes. Therefore, it’s a safer bet to use a cream specifically designed for the eyes. 


Start incorporating these skincare habits early on and you will enjoy the benefits in your later years! Spring Store’s curated range of the best anti aging products NZ to prevent any signs of skin aging. From anti aging creams to skin care products and beauty care, shop the exclusive collection only at the Spring Store.


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