Apple AirPod Features

AirPods Apple AirPods aren’t just Bluetooth speakers; in fact, they actually have a lot of added features. With the rapid growth of technological development, we are seeing more and more tech companies launch their versions of a Bluetooth speaker. But the Apple AirPods 2 really stand out among the range for their added features. Apple AirPods have a range of accessories on the market as well to provide you with even more reasons to invest.

I have created a short list for you to know some of the impressive features and functions of Apple AirPods, these include:


Automatic Phone Calls

AirPods allow you to answer phone calls coming to your connected device easily by tapping the force sensor. AirPods can even call contacts from your device when you activate Siri through the AirPod sensor.

Voice Control

You can activate Siri with your AirPods by simply saying ‘Hey Siri’ and then following with your request once activated. Siri can even be activated to tell you who is calling your device as it rings, to avoid you from having to look at your phone. When you receive a message Siri can also read it out to you through your AirPods upon request.

Noise cancelling

AirPods have the potential to cancel out external noise, you can set your AirPods at either noise cancellation or transparency mode.

Simple Charging

AirPods are charged in a small charging case that is also wireless. You can charge your charging case and then have up to 24hrs of AirPod charging ready to go.

Apple Watch

AirPods can simply connect to your Apple Watch while connected to your apple device, with the potential to play sounds from either device connected.


You can actually purchase personalised AirPods with either writing or symbol engraving on the case. This avoids you losing or mixing your AirPods up with anyone else.


AirPods are designed to last a lifetime, by being sweat resistant and water resistant. Allowing you to take your AirPods everywhere you go without having to worry about them being damaged.

It is clear that Apple AirPods are one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. They are available in a range of different sizes to fit your ear, and accessories can be added to make them more fitted. Your AirPods are designed to work with functioning Apple iPhones, watches and MacBook’s. If your Apple products are damaged you might need to get them repaired before trying to connect to your AirPods. The Core, Apple repair Auckland are one of the leading Mac repair and iPhone repair companies. They can assist you with all of your MacBook repair or iPhone repair Auckland today!

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