Tips For Cleansing Your Face

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Cleansing your face seems to be a pretty straight forward task right? well you might be surprised to find out there’s more to it than you think. If you aren’t cleansing your face properly you could potentially be doing more harm than not doing it at all. A few tips to take onboard to ensure you’re cleansing your face properly are as follows. 

Face Wipes

Face wipes are believed to be the quick and easy option to cleansing, but have you ever thought about what nasty ingredients and chemicals are secretly hidden in them? Face wipes contain ingredients powerful enough to break down everything on your face, however you’re only rubbing those particles and bacteria’s around your face and into all of your pores in the process. This is why they’re so bad for you, especially because most consumers will wipe their face with a face wipe and consider cleansing done. An alternative to face wipes is using a reusable makeup pad and applying an appropriate cleanser to it or just simply add water, the added benefit to using one of these is that it’s eco-friendlier than using hundreds of face wipes every year. Reusable make up pads can simply be cleaned in the washing machine; they are designed to naturally dry very quickly.

Water Temperature

It is believed that hot water opens your pores while cold water closes your pores, so which one do I use when I clean my face? The answer is neither. Switching from cold to warm water when cleaning your face is not a good thing to do because your skin can go into shock and respond very poorly. The right temperature to clean your face is actually lukewarm, because your pores will stay as is and won’t close in on bacteria’s washing around your face.

Choosing a Cleanser

There is a large range of cleansers available in the skincare industry, each containing different ingredients suitable to different skin types. It is important to choose a cleanser that works for your skin whether it is sensitive, prone to acne, very dry or whatever it might be. Finding a cleanser which works for you can be as simple as researching and using trail products, visiting a skincare store or researching reviews.

It is very important to continuously cleanse your face daily and ensure you do it correctly. The Spring Store offers the best skin care products and is advanced beauty care, they are a skin care NZ brand who can help you with anything skin related, pop in tody for a new cleanser.

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