How to find a florist for a wedding and when to contact them

Wedding Florist Auckland

As a bride one of the most important things to organise is a florist who can cater the perfect flowers for your special day, whether that be Roses, Peonies, Lilies, Stephanotis, Gardenias, Hydrangeas or anything other. Your bouquet in particular and flower arrangements are going to be captured in every shot and will reflect the overall theme and vibe of the wedding, this is why you need to find the perfect florist who can fulfil your dream.

When planning a wedding there is a lot to think about and organise, a good place to start is choosing a florist. This is a very important step and can be achieved through researching potential florists of interest and analysing their previous work, what they offer and when, where they supply and at what price to get a good indication on whether they’re suitable to you. Once you have found potential florists don’t hesitate to contact all of them straight away to get the ball rolling, it is a good idea to organise a meeting to touch base with them to ensure they can create your vision at your location and for an affordable price.

Meeting with a florist will provide you with the opportunity to ensure that they’re able to fulfil your vision, it will bring confidence, trust and excitement for your special day. A meeting is the best way to communicate with your florist and ensure they’re aware of a few key things, including the date of your wedding, the style, colour themes, bouquet sizes, arrangements for bridal party, venue decorations, vision and budget. During a florist meeting it is also useful to observe whether the florist is passionate towards fulfilling your vision, this can be analysed through their creative suggestions, personality and overall effort in understanding and designing what’s right for you.

Once you have met with all potential florists you need to evaluate and analyse who is the perfect fit for your special day, you don’t have to make the decision straight away, but you should have a general idea pretty quickly. If you’re unsure on who to choose don’t hesitate to get back in touch with the potential florists straight away to go over a few more questions you might have, if they’re more than happy to clarify and assist then you know they’re a good fit for you.

During wedding season, a florist can be booked out a year or so in advance. So do not hesitate to get in contact straight away to discuss and arrange a contract that sits well with your vision.

If you’re looking to get the ball rolling a great florist Auckland is The Botanist, providing wedding flowers and offering online flower delivery their team is very creative and committed to providing the perfect blooming bunch.


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