How to use blogging to promote your business


The powers of blogging for businesses are no lie, providing multifaceted purposes that can help with all aspects within business activity. No matter which industry your business is operating within, although the benefits often vary depending on the industry and the core reasons as to why your business is blogging, albeit it definitely can provide some form of benefit and promotion for your business. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Blogging is a great tool for SEO purposes as it allows you to implement a few SEO tactics which in turn, helps to boost your website traffic. Blogging can assist with the following SEO techniques:

Keyword Density – the amount of times a particular keyword appears within the text 

Long-tail keywords – Include specific keywords (that are relevant / related to your business) into the blog text which is linked to particular landing pages (internal linking) 

Backlinking – Other websites may find your blog content and use it within their own sites, crediting you via backlinking. 

Keyword Optimisation – Incorporating keywords into the headline, body of text, URL Slug, meta description, header tags, and alt descriptions.



Responding to Customer Needs

Blogging can be very insightful when done right. It is a great way to collectively answer any customer inquiries or frequently asked questions (which will be beneficial to your audience as it will be available on the website at all times, saving you the time to constantly repeat the answers). It is a great way for customers to also form a relationship with the business as blogging can help customers feel connected. Furthermore, it helps to develop credibility and trust between the business and it’s consumers as they start to believe that you care more about their needs and wants rather than just converting them into sales. If you enable comments onto your blogs, it is also a great way to get customer feedback. 


Website Traffic & Social Media Presence 

With each and every blog post that is published to your site, means another indexed page being published, and thus another opportunity to appear up in search engines and push more organic traffic onto your site. 

If one of your goals is to increase your brand awareness on your social media accounts, blogging is a useful tactic to drive this. At the end of the day, your blog posts are considered as insightful content which can be shared across your accounts and help to engage with your audience. 


If blogging doesn’t sound like your style, why not explore the word of visual content via podcasts? Podcasts are a great way to connect to new audiences and engage on a more personal level. Need an example? Take a look at Glenda Wynyard’s newest adventure, The Pending Approval Podcast available on Spotify. Glenda Wynyard’s podcast is hosted by The Media Precinct, Sydney’s full service agency that works alongside brands to create actionable changes within the media and advertising industry. For more, visit Glenda Wynyard via LinkedIn.


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