How To Repair An iPhone With Water Damage

Water Damaged Phone

Firstly, so many devices these days are water resistant but what is the difference between water proof and water resistant? Often people tend to mistake their products for being water proof, so then when their device is water damaged, it can be quite a big shock.

Water resistant means that the product can repel water to a certain extent. Whereas waterproof means that the product is completely safe from water. Most smart phones these days are water resistant, but it is important to be wary around water when using your devices despite this feature as often over time, continuous subjection to water can slowly damage your phone.  The coating covering the connectors and ports within your phone will deteriorate, as each time they come into contact with water, the water will evaporate and dry out the plastic.

There are a few methods you can try out though if you ever face the saddening reality where your phone has been water damaged:


Manually Dry It

Turn your phone off as soon as you realise that your phone may be water damaged. Remove any accessories that are connected to the phone (headphones, phone case, etc). and remove the sim card. Shake as much water out as you can. You can do this by literally shaking the phone, using a dry cloth and wiping the phone. Avoid using heat (hair dryer) as this can damage the phone in the long run. Once you have reached all capacities, let the phone sit and dry manually for as long as you can (preferably, days).


Rice Method

If manually drying isn’t your thing, the next best option is to use the Rice method. You may have heard about this method before as it is a common one, but it is quite simple. All you need is a bowl of dry rice. Over time (again, preferably a day or two), the rice will soak up the moisture. Just be careful that the rice isn’t small enough to seep into connection ports on the phone, as that can cause further damage.


Hand it over to the professionals

This option is probably the safest and most reliable option. Hand your phone over to a professional who knows what they are doing and will hopefully be able to repair your damaged waterlogged phone.


Bring it to The Core for an iPhone repair as soon as it suffers water damage. If there’s any hope of survival for your liquid-damaged iPhone, then we’re it. For all iPhone repair Auckland or apple repair, The Core can help.



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