How To Choose The Right Vase For Your Flowers 


There are so many different types of vases that can really transform your flower arrangement, just as there are many that can ruin and take the beauty away from them. When choosing a vase, it is important to look for several factors, including the size, colour, shape and style.

The most versatile vases are those with small to medium openings and are not too tall in length. It is important to note though that the wider the opening, the more flowers you will need to fill the area.

Large vases are good for flowers that are tall, such as roses, where you want to show off the long stems. You don’t want a vase that is too long though as you want to avoid cutting off too much of the stem.

In terms of style and colour of the vase, choose one that compliments the flowers colour and personality. If your flowers are fun and playful, go for a vase with colour or pattern. You could try colour blocking with your flowers too. An example of this would be to pair bright pink flowers with a red vase. Another cute way to compliment your flowers in such a way is to use old jam jars. Old jam jars deliver a note of quirkiness through its unique patterns and the variance in their shape and sizes.

Alternatively, glass jars are another great option to let the flowers speak for themselves. Glass jars are often understated when it comes to flower arrangements. When choosing a clear glass jar, there are several ways you can go about it. You can select a large glass jar and display flowers in that with the stems crossed over or tied in some rustic string to create a certain minimalistic aesthetic. Glass jars also give you the option to add different layers within the vase. You could try adding elements such as moss, stones or soil to create a different look with your flowers.

If you are lacking in the jar department, take a look at what you may have lying around at home. If you are wanting a rustic look, try using a metal watering can that you use outside. Coloured coffee mugs are also another cool idea if you have small bunches of flowers. The options are endless. Just make sure that they are clean and free of any bacteria.

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