How to Declutter Before Moving

Messy Room

Moving house is the perfect time to finally declutter and get rid of all the things that are just weighing you down. It forces you to sort through all your items, and by decluttering before you move, you can save money on the actual move itself as you’re transporting fewer items. As the top movers in Auckland, we’re privy to the top decluttering secrets.

Start decluttering sooner than later

Begin the decluttering process while you’re packing or even beforehand so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Declutter bit by bit so the whole process seems more manageable.

Think about what you actually need to bring

We often find it hard to declutter because of sentimentality or practicality. If you’re struggling to decide whether you should let go of something, ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past year or not. If not, let it go!

Digitise paperwork

Paperwork is one of the biggest wastes of space, but this can easily be fixed if you give yourself time to digitise everything.

Sell higher value or bulky items

You’ve likely got some furniture or appliances that you’d like to get rid of, and these are often the bulkier items that are also a hassle to move. Kill two birds with one stone by listing these items for sale online – not only do you get to get rid of some clutter, you can also make some money while you’re at it!

Once you’ve shed some of the excess weight, contact World Moving, the top Auckland moving company, to provide you with an accurate quote. We provide packing services and storage services.

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