Find the Perfect Flower for Different Occasions

Wedding flowers

It can be a real challenge to find the perfect flower for different occasions. How do you know which flowers to get to which occasion? We have listed some tips on flowers that are appropriate for different occasions.


Did you know that each month has a specific flower that represents that particular month? This means that you can give your friend, partner or family member the flower that represents their month. This does not only make it easier for you to choose which flower to give away, it also shows that you have thought behind it.

Mother’s Day

When choosing flowers for Mother’s Day, there is no wrong way to go. Choose flowers that you know she likes. But here are some tips if you don’t know what to give away:

  • Pink carnations represent love and gratitude.
  • Red carnations represent admiration.
  • Gerbera Daisies represent cheerfulness.


If you want to surprise your date with flowers, orchids, tulips and dandelions are flowers that are always appreciated. They are the most welcoming and pleasant, but not overwhelming.


When it comes to weddings, there are many different traditions, and you can choose any flower you like. The bride should have a bouquet of any flower that she likes, in any colour. The bridesmaid should have a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet, and the groom can have a boutonniere that matches the flowers from the bride’s bouquet. So the bride chooses which flowers she wants. But remember that giving flowers as a wedding gift can be considered inappropriate.


Funeral flowers are usually sent directly to the funeral home to tribute the deceased. Colours represent different things. The colours blue, white, and green represent peace, humility and calmness, whereas orange and red represent energy and passion. The first mentioned are comforting during sad times, whereas the last mentioned celebrate a life rather than mourn the deceased.


Just as there are specific flowers for every month of the year, there are specific flowers for each anniversary year. Red and pink is always a good choice, as these colours represent love and passion. Otherwise, these are the flowers for some of the big anniversary years:

  • 5 years: Daisy
  • 10 years: Daffodil
  • 15 years: Rose
  • 20 years: Aster
  • 25 years: Iris
  • 30 years: Lily

These are just some examples of flowers for different occasions. If you have questions about flowers for other occasions or want flowers Auckland CBD, get in touch with a florist Auckland today. The Botanist arrange wedding flowers and offer flower delivery.

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