Top 5 questions you MUST answer before relocating your business

So you’re thinking about moving. It may have been on your mind for a while, or it’s something you just entertained the thought of. Maybe the space you’re moving into has a nice view of the town or beach. Or better yet, make your company more money?

Although this could be a very exciting process, it can also be tedious with the amount of problems that could possibly occur. Which is why you need to ask yourself these crucial 5 questions before even considering to move.

Do you REALLY need to move?

Although moving sound lofty, and the beach view by the office is irresistible, it may not be the right decision for you.

For example, one reason on why you may need to move is expansion. Your business may be growing at an astronomical rate. As a result, you’ll definitely need to move otherwise, not keeping up with the demand could incur severe consequences you may not be happy with.

A reason on why you may not need to move is environment. If the office feels too ‘old’, maybe look more closely as to whether you moving is motivated by a want, rather than necessity. It does sound tempting to be in a nice environment. However, is it necessary?

Is it in line with your business goals?

You may have different reasons for moving office. I may have different reasons for moving. Some of it is because the office space may be too old, or your customer demographic is situated somewhere else.

However, despite the reasons you want to move, have you assessed whether this is in line with your business goals?

For example, maybe your goal is to meet a certain financial quota by the end of this year. But will transferring to a new office space help increase that financial quota?

Ok sure, it may increase productivity but is there a productivity problem already present within your business?

If this question can’t be answered, then maybe it’s time to re-assess whether moving into that new office space is a good idea after all. You could just end up wasting a lot of money and could be an unexpected setback you weren’t expecting.

Will relocating create better or worse problems?

No matter what state you reach in your business, there will always be problems to solve. You may have reached your goal of making a certain amount of money for your business. However, there will always occur more and more problems.

You’ll need more staff now to keep up with the expansion of the business. Maybe you’ll need mentors, different equipment, and the list goes on. It just never stops.

So will you making this decision to move create better and more exciting problems i.e. targeting another demographic in addition to the one you’re currently targeting? Or, will this create issues such as you losing staff because the location could potentially be far away.

This is why it’s exceptionally important you answer this question.

Will you save money?

Maybe the rent is extremely high in your current area so moving is an absolute necessity at this stage of your business. Or, there are other ongoing costs such as maintenance bills needing to be paid which incur a lot of money. Or maybe the area in general is just more expensive?

Whatever it may be, if you have consulted and thought out this decision and know this will help you save more money and simultaneously, bring more return on investment, then why not?

Is your moving company legitimate?

If you’re absolutely certain on moving overseas, then looking at the type of office movers you select is going to be very important for a number of reasons.

For example, if you have delicate equipment that needs special handling, make sure they have services which caters towards that, like packing service. We have for example, inventory management which does exactly that.

This is why it’s important to check the reviews of the company and see if they meet the bare minimum standards of a moving company.

Summing up

In summary, we’ve covered 5 reasons which should give you a much more clearer idea of what to think about when it comes to office moving.

By honestly sitting down and assessing each question, you could potentially save yourself thousands and even realise that moving probably wasn’t the right decision in the first place!

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