Above And Beyond – COLORBOND® Fence Unlike Any Other

Everyone knows that COLORBOND® fences are durable, but perhaps no-one expected it to be this durable? This COLORBOND® fence stretches 120 metres and can withstand a hell of a lot. This fence is able to withstand extreme amounts of heat, very high-speed air streams, and the dust and debris of full-blown jet blast. This is not like any other COLORBOND® fence.


So, what is this COLORBOND® fence you may be asking? And, who built it for what purpose?


This is a blast deflector fence made completely from steel provided by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. The similarity to other fences ends there, according to the developer of this high-tech fence, Associate Professor Alex Remennikov of the University of Wollongong.


This 120 metre long fence is located in Mascot at Qantas’s jet maintenance base. The fence has been recognised globally by two industry awards due to it’s highly aesthetic design and increased functionality.


The two awards Professor Remennikov was awarded were the 2012 Australian Steel Institute Steel Design Award, aswell as the Consult Australia 2011 silver award.


About the Blast Deflector Fence


‘The role of the blast fence is to protect airport infrastructure, vehicles and people from the effects of jet blasts – or exhaust gases – coming from the engines during aircraft testing,’ he said.


‘These blasts can uproot trees, overturn cars and large trucks, destroy buildings and badly injure people.’


‘The fence has to withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees and withstand and redirect the air streams moving at speeds up to 200km/h.’


‘I spent one year working on the design which included a lot of numerical modelling and preliminary and live testing.’


Professor Remennikov, the head of the University of Wollongong’s School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering, worked with North Sydney-based Woolacotts Consulting Engineers in order to come up with the impressive fence. This fence is meant to accomodate both A380 and 787 aircrafts at Sydney Airport.


‘My area of expertise is designing structures to withstand extreme loads and I had worked with Woolacotts previously on a project concerning blast protection for Reserve Bank facilities,” he said.


‘This was a collaborative project.’


The fence in it’s entirety cost up to $3 million Australian dollars to build. The structure is mounted on rails and able to be moved wherever needed in order to suit weather conditions.


‘It can run full circle so it can be moved into position behind the aircraft, depending on the wind direction,’ Professor Remennikov of the University of Wollongong said.




Since 1966, COLORBOND® has dominated the Australian market and revolutionised the landscape of Australian industry. COLORBOND® is not only known for it’s fences, this material is the foundation of several steel buildings, and has been for several decades.


COLORBOND® comes available in a wide array of colours and finishes. COLORBOND® is the best solution for your roofing and walling systems, especially if your require a high degree of flexibility.


COLORBOND® steel’s palette range includes 22 stunning colours available in classic and contemporary styles. On top of these stunning colours, you are able to purchase from a wide range of features.


COLORBOND® steel’s Matt range features a new paint technology that diffuses light for a very elegant and softly textured aesthetic. COLORBOND® is available in a wide range of colours, including – Surfmist®, Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt® and Monument®.


Not only is COLORBOND® better in terms of visual appeal, but this product is also better in terms of financial and environmental reasons. With COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel you can drastically reduce the cooling energy costs of your building or buildings.


COLORBOND®  comes in other tough variations when it is needed. If you are looking for a steel solution that is tough, abrasion resistant and highly durable, then look no further than COLORBOND®  Ultra Steel, or COLORBOND®  Stainless Steel.


All COLORBOND® products come with built in Activate® technology, designed to make COLORBOND® steel far more resistant to corrosion over the course of it’s lifespan that any other type of steel.


BlueScope’s scientists in the research and development departments have tested COLORBOND® in a wide variety of harsh conditions. No matter where you build your COLORBOND® project, you will find that COLORBOND® steel is the perfect durable match to your problems.


COLORBOND® meets all relevant Australian standards. When purchasing COLORBOND® steel, make sure that what you are buying is properly branded. Not all painted steel is COLORBOND® steel. For more information, contact your local metal steel supplier.

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